About the book

Really too good that this crazy old man trashed only ONE of the good old 78's - otherwise my book never would have any existence authorization.......hope you'll like it

(Cover layout)

With "Elvis Presley's 78's around the world" Discography book I want to fill a gap in information of issued records and want to give all collectors of this great record-type a chance to learn about all ever issued Elvis 78's around the world.

This book contains information of more than 1600 (!!!) different Elvis 78's issued in 25 countries, and the number of 78's is still rising up as there are many collectors from all over the world helping with new information from time to time.

(Regular pressing and promo layout - with labels, covers, company sleeves and extras)

But the listing of all those fantastic 78's is not the only content of "Elvis Presley's 78's around the world" Discography book. It also contains label scans of hundreds of different Elvis labels from all over the world as well as all known Elvis Presley 78's picture sleeves, all Japanese insert sheets, a few very special worldwide pressings that are not Elvis but got something to do with him and are pressed on 78 RPM and nearly 100 company sleeves that were used for Elvis' 78's.

A very special section for the Elvis 78 RPM collector is the Sun Special. It lists up every known label variation made in different pressing companies that time. Sometimes it's only a small difference....but sometimes it's big!

(Sun Special section layout - with tons of Sun labels to see the differences)

Beneath those contents my book includes worldwide metal acetates on 78 RPM, collectors series reissues made for jukebox owners to give them a chance to own some Elvis songs on 78 while the originals are very high priced (but today even those reissues have their value!!), worldwide tribute, parody and novelty recordings that were issued anywhere on 78's as well as the low-budget-label productions with cover versions of the famous Elvis songs - that's what made it more complete for the worldwide Elvis 78's collector.

(Acetates section layout)

(Collectors series reissues - left - and tribute / novelty records - right - layout)

(Low-budget label productions layout)

This book started back in 1995 with information about the most common 78 RPM releases from USA, Great Britain and Germany. As times passed I've added Japan, South Africa, Argentina, Brazil, Uruguay, New Zealand, Canada, Belgium and Italy. Then I've always found some treasuries from Ireland, Finland, Holland, Mexico, Colombia, Indonesia, Philippines, Iran, Pakistan, Norway, Chile, India and - latest - USSR.

It was really much work to find all the information as the start of the book was before the internet was present and without the help of many great collectors from all over the world this book plans would have never been realized. There were so many phone calls (even during the night time as many of the missing information came from overseas), many letters and fax messages and, actually, many e-mails from anywhere in the world. Thanks to all the guys helped with the "Elvis Presley's 78's around the world" Discography book.