Expert valuation report for your collection

Through the years of research for "Elvis Presley's 78's around the world" Discography book I am also able to provide you a valuation list of your collection. In the past I have already created such a list for a Scottish court in case of divorce. They have asked me to write a true valuation for an Elvis 78 RPM collection, records bought during the years the couple was married. It was totally accepted by court and they have used it there. Please contact your lawyer if you are of need of such an expert report - he'll have to order it directly from me. The only things I need for it are pictures of your records and detailed information - I will ask for exact details then.

Price for each valuation report depends on number of records included and things they need to know. I will calculate it when I know the details of the case.

(Valuation list and expert report layout - with photo of collection record, excerpts from book and valuation)