In this section I want to thank all the fantastic people around the world who helped with "Elvis Presley's 78's around the world" discography book, without all those great guys my book would have never been what it is.

Thanks to

Bernd Hermoneit (Germany) for being one of the biggest helpers in label scans and variation researches for any kind of 78. Thanks Bernd!!
Roberto Zanetti (Italy) for helping with many rare 78's from all over the world as well as lots of label scans, and of course for being a real great friend of mine. Thanks Robby!!
Roddy Savage (Scotland) for being one of the greatest 78's collectors worldwide and always helping with information and label scans in finest quality, for bringing the Ireland section on it's way and for being a great friend. Thanks Roddy!!
Andy Baerthlein (Germany) for being one of the most informative sources in getting information about the hardest-to-get Elvis 78's. Thanks Andy!!
James "Jim" Koenig (USA) for helping with the latest section started - low-budget coverversion of Elvis songs on 78. Thanks Jim!!
José Torres Fornas (Spain) for always helping with things he knows, sending the label scan of the rare Chilean black labeled 78 and for being a very good friend of mine. Thanks, José!!
Augusto Morini (Italy) for sending beautiful label scans from Italian Elvis 78's to let the detailed listing from this country start. Thanks, Augusto!!
Paul Lichter (USA) for helping with fantastic scans of some ultrarare 78 RPM acetates and with many additions to my listings. Thanks, Paul!!
Jarmo Raitio (Finland) for helping with more scans of some of the rarest 78 RPM's worldwide - the Finnish ones. Thanks, Jarmo!!
Steve McClanahan (USA) for helping with a really important information and scan of the unknown "Good luck charm" 78 RPM from Argentina. Thanks, Steve!!
Sigbjoern Stabursvik (Norway) for adding the sleeve from Norway - missing for a long time. Thanks, Sigbjoern!!
Hans Otto Engvold (Norway) for helping a lot with label scans and information about Norway. Thanks, Hans Otto!!
Erik Viervoll (Norway) for adding label scans and Norway information. Thanks, Erik!!
Michael D. Hutchinson (USA) for helping with really good scans of some 78 RPM collectors series reissues. Thanks, Michael!!
Marco & Jodie Louise Batacchi (Italy) for helping with fantastic pictures of ultrarare and never before seen Italian RCA company sleeves. Thanks, Marco, thanks Jodie!!
Werner Strube (Germany) for getting me a bit closer to the end of the Philippines listing and for changing information about vinyls from all over the world. Thanks, Werner!!
Patrick Gutmann (Germany) for helping a lot with the Philippines listing and and label section. Thanks, Patrick!!
Walter Schweinsmann (Germany) for helping distributing my book through his mail-order company "Collector's Service". Thanks, Walter!!
Paul Dowling (USA) who helped with information and labels to some rare 78's from all over the world. Thanks, Paul!!
Carlos R. Ares (Argentina) who helped me with bringing out his fantastic discography book "Viva Elvis" from Argentina, giving me the complete Brazil 78's discography and parts of the Chilean as well as giving me a lot of label scans for my label guide. Thanks, Carlos!!
Gokhan Aya (Turkey) for sending a fantastic label scan of one of the most-wanted's - a label scan of the beautiful Pakistan 78 RPM HMV label. Thanks, Gokhan!!
Helmut Radermacher (Germany) who helped starting my book with his "Rillen Revue" discography book of Germany, sold out many years ago. Thanks, Helmut!!
Thomas Schaefer (Germany) who informed me about all South African Elvis 78's that are not listed in "My Elvis Album" LP storage box. Thanks, Thomas!!
Adrian Payne (Australia) for helping with the complete New Zealand 78's discography. Thanks, Adrian!!
Jarle Jensen (Norway) for helping get the Norway section started and also for helping getting the rare labels of his country. Thanks, Jarle!!
Livio Monari (Italy) for helping with the beginning of the Italian part through writing his fantastic Italian Elvis discography book. Thanks, Livio!!
Bengt Dahlgren (Sweden) for starting the Philippines section with label scans. Thanks, Bengt!!
Toshiaki Suzuki (Japan) for making my book more complete through his fantastic Japanese Elvis discography book. Thanks, Toshiaki!!
Uwe Kischkel (Germany) with whom I've changed information many times. Thanks, Uwe!!
Bob Kramer (Holland) who added many South American issue facts and labels. Thanks, Bob!!
Ben Harris (USA) for helping a lot with the Philippines listing and label guide. Thanks, Ben!!
Mohammed Aslam Issabhai (India) for beginning the Indian section. Thanks, Mohammed!!
Ville Rainisto (Finland) for the fantastic label scan of one of the rarest 78's - the Finnish ones. Thanks, Ville!!
Bruce Allen (USA) for informing me about the Iranian 78 and giving me the label scan. Thanks, Bruce!!
Arend Wentink (Holland) for adding the well sought-after label scan from his country. Thanks, Arend!!
Carlos Ulises Mavridis Tovar (Mexico) for helping a lot with the Mexican section. Thanks, Carlos!!
Sonny Benitez (Philippines) for making the Philippines section more and more complete. Thanks, Sonny!!
Kevin Blyth (Indonesia) for shocking with incredible information from his part of the world. Thanks, Kevin!!
Nadine Gelaude (Belgium) for helping a lot with the new company sleeve section and more labels and record information. Thanks, Nadine!!
Terence Cole (UK) for helping with the acetate listing getting started. Thanks Terry!!
Ullrich Arians (Germany) for adding a sought-after Japanese sleeve. Thanks Ulli!!
Alan White (UK) for adding the missing Pakistan 78 and for adding the missing Irish number. Thanks Alan!!
And - last but not least - thanks to my beloved wife Maren for understanding the time, enthusiasm and money I'm spending on Elvis, his music and my book. Thanks, my Love!!

And to our beautiful sons Robin and Melvin for sharing the joy of Elvis' music. Thanks, Boys!!

If anyone also want to be called here please help with any information. If you got records that are not asked for in my "Info needed" section but you think that you have some rare stuff, any misprint or anything else feel free to contact me at and we can talk about the things you've got. If I can add something to my files you'll get a feedback here!!